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Very nice!

Must say this is a nice piece of work =)
True, some drawings were obviously better than others. But I must say that everyone showed something worth seeing. Whether it be for the art, a nice idea/concept, or both.
The programming on this wasn't particularly hard, but still worked nicely, no errors that I saw. So good job.
I found all the music very fitting, they set a cheerful, careless mood to it all. Nice choices. (Volume bar is a nice surprise as well.)

Thanks to all the authors for the entertainment. =)
Keep up the good work! ^^

PS: The gif made by MasterMerol was well made and strangely entrancing, despite its simplicity. x] Kudos on it.

ReNaeNae responds:

Glad you liked it! And I agree, MasterMerol's is awesome!


When I saw it on front page, and the title, I was expecting something better. Not only better, I was expecting something good...
Thare so many things to be approached relating these topics, but this was simply ridiculous.
It doesnt even deserve me to keep writing... so...

Pretty good =)

This flash was interesting to watch. A nice concept, to connect it all with a blue line, and have blue be the predominant color.

A few comments, there was a couple of places where the blue line kinda jumped to a different position when the next picture settled in, but it was barely noticeable. Just a minor flaw to look out for, but not detrimental to the flash. ^^

I would also recommend being a bit more strict about the use of the color blue. As having everything blue, but suddenly seeing a guy on a desk, with lots of brown and red, and not even a blue outline connecting the two ends, sort of stands out. And kind of changed the mood too. (Sorry to point fingers but this was TheWalrusFlash's)
It would also be a good challenge for said authors. As others were able to pull it off graciously. (i.e. Outchy, XOutlawWolfX, Larcange)

That said, I must also agree with other users that XOutlawWolfX's drawings were outstanding. But they weren't the only ones. I'd like to make a special mention to: (In order of appearance)
Revaks first dragon (unfortunately I didn't think much of the other ones), Larcange (absolutely spectacular!), Garsim, Outchy (I like how he/she created tones by using blue "thatch"), Artisa, Spac3case, luXD, ReNaeNae and Yukishi.
These were my favourites. But most other authors were quite good too.

Dx6, your beginning drawing was pretty good. But the second one, was just a picture with a few filters applied. I would like to see you have a go at doing more actual drawing. ;) Even if just as a personal challenge and goal. =)

And finally, for the next installment a recommendation. I think other users, as well as me, would appreciate it if you put the music on loop, and offered a pause button. So that we can take a longer look at drawings if we wish. ;)

And that's pretty much it lol. Sorry for this massive review. I hope it helps.
Finally a last kudos to all authors and I hope you all keep on practicing and improving!

Cheers! ^^ Keep up the good work! =D

Dx6 responds:

Mmh, I love massive reviews, but hey, thanks !
I may not be the best artist (who noticed anway ?) but I try to do what I can do. If we may ever see the Blue Line 3, I'll rethink it way throught. I'll try to do something that deserves at least a front-page. No suprise if I'm not the one programming the flash, but just organizing it !
Thanks for the review. ;p


"I might go fishing there, catch me some hypocrite."

Ok, jokes aside. This animation is great. You have a great and pretty original style of drawing. You're facial expressions really portray what their saying and thinking, and you have some really good ideas for flashes. Which you then go ahead to masterfully animate. Thumbs up for all your work. Whether it be just jokes, or something that actually gets closer to society undertones.

Cheers, keep up the good work! ^^


All your animations are pretty sweet ;).
The drawing is good, and so is the animation. The music and sounds are good too.
Who cares it's in german? that doesn't make it any worse :).
Keep up the good work! :D

Cheers ^^

PS: The lyrics are from "It's Christmas Times Again". But if anyone want's it your gonna have to search around a bit for this particular rock version ;). Good luck!

NIce work :)

Pretty decent :). Short and to the point.
And i agree with Edgey-The-Don that's its a pretty nice gag. Would have had me laughing my a** off if I had actually seen it happen to your friend xD
The drawings ok, though I prefer the work on The Myth of Sisyphus. But still good and great for trying out your graphics tablet ;).

You get 8/10 and 4/5 from me on this submission :)
Cheers ^^

CatFat responds:

thanks alot!
maybe i should make more shorts, these days i seem to spend months on just one project :|

Good job!

Wow. I must say this animation suprised me, and in a good way ;).
I hadn't seen any of your work, and I'm by nature skeptical of all authors i come by, having been around newgrounds for a pretty long time now.

I like your style of drawing, its simple and pretty well drawn. The facial expressions were also understandable despite the beard and all. Well done :).

As for the animation, it was smooth and slick. Barely any jerkiness.

The sound effects fit in very well with the whole animation. (Loved your choice for when the stick was about o break lol :D) And yeah, i didn't turn the volume down cus i was wearing headphones. But i can see (or hear rather :P) why someone whose not looking at the vid could get the wrong impression lolz.

I liked your ideas for the myth (as i was already familiar with it) and found it quite humorous. Must say the end and the credits were what made me laugh the most ;).

All in all. I think you did a great job and you get a 10/10, 5/5 from this critic :).
Keep up the good work! ^_^

CatFat responds:

wow thanks!"
i'm glad you liked it and i appreciate you taking the time to write more than one word :D


Truly amazing :).
I love the art style. fits in perfectly well with the animation. Which itself is flawless, smooth slick no jerkiness.
Plus the whole thing is perfectly synced with the music and makes it all the more enjoyable.
You have awesome imagination and know how to use it ;).
Certainly brought a smile to my face :D.
5/5 10/10 from this critic :)

Cheers ^^


Hahahah! Epic! xD
That was some awesome animation right there! :)
Keep up the great work! ^_^


This is decidedly hilarious xDDD!
I've seen it at least ten times showing it to friends who have played SSBM etc and they've all laughed.
I love your style of art. It's cute and not too shabby ^^. (Way better than mine :P)
You syncronized your animation with the music perfectly and the drawings themselves also fit perfectly with the song :).
All in all I give you the same grade I give you every time i remember to do so.
5/5 AND 10/10!!! :DD

Keep up the good work!! :DD

PS: Can't wait for "The internet is for porn" :D. Cheers ^_^

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